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Alternative Data and Strategy Builder for Investment Professionals

Alternative Data for Quantitative Funds

Join leading hedge funds that use TipRanks alternative data to beat the markets at every turn.

TipRanks offers a variety of unique datasets that help quantitative traders take advantage of changes in market sentiment from different types of financial experts.
Alternative Data Sets

Analyst Ratings and Price Targets

Access a highly comprehensive database of analyst ratings from around the world
Follow over 5,000 individual analysts, each has its own unique identifier
Huge breadth of data on analyst recommendations and price targets dating back to 2009

Corporate Insider Transactions

Never miss an alpha-generating insider transaction
Easily distinguish between stock option programs and real insider trading
Access all insiders's real-time transactions and trading history

Financial Bloggers

Follow the research of independent financial bloggers from around the world
Access the aggregated opinions of thousands of bloggers from Zacks, MotleyFool, InvestorPlace and more
Understand what blogger sentiment is at any given time for any stock
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News Sentiment and Media Buzz

Get accurate news sentiment and media buzz analysis
Connect to a feed of news articles with positive and negative sentiment tags
Find stocks based on media buzz analysis
Analyze word clouds to understand underlying news stories
Get overall news sentiment per stock

TRESS (TipRanks Expert Sentiment Score)

Daily feed of stock scores based on Financial Blogger Recommendations
Daily market neutral strategy for over 200 stocks
Developed in joint research with ExtractAlpha Research Firm
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Individual Investor Sentiment

Track hundreds of thousands of real investor portfolios
Follow the transactions of real individual investors to track investor sentiment and trends
Understand investor behavior, portfolio allocation, portfolio holdings
Extract invaluable insights on what investors buy and sell based on their portfolio data

Social Sentiment

Act on major social sentiment changes
Know at any given time what the online community thinks about your stocks, including social volumes and sentiment.
Find developing stories on social media to act upon

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Hedge Funds

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