Investor Relations

Research tools and Unique Market Data Reports for IR teams

Unique Market Insights for Investor Relations

We analyze millions of events including News, Social Media, Financial Blogs, Analyst Research, SEC forms, and millions of real investor's portfolios. Leverage our big data to:
Understand how your company resonates in the media, in real time.
Find which investors and potential investors are interested in your company and how the demographic changes over time
Learn what bloggers and journalists say about your company and how to reach them
Give potential investors more reasons to take the plunge by making our tools accessible to them
Get all the SEC forms and earning calls directly to your IR portal
Need technical help with your IR portal? Allow our engineers to build you the perfect one.
Competition analysis – learn why your competitors are getting more love from the media and investors and start outperforming them.

Tailor Made Daily Reports

Get the most out of our big data daily directly to your inbox (download example)
See what happened in the news, social media and the stock markets every day
Compare daily events to your competitors
Analyze results and make your company more attractive, transparent and liquid for investors
Research Data Points

Analyst Ratings and Price Targets

See what any analyst in the world thinks about your company and why
See who are the analysts covering your company
What are the stock ratings and price targets given to your company
How does it compare with your competitors

Social Media

What are your users and investors tweeting about you on social media
See the activity volume change on social media and understand why
Analyze the sentiment on social media and compare to your competitors

News Sentiment

Analyze how the media treats your company and how does it impact stock performance and liquidity
Get a real time understanding of your media coverage volume
See the sentiment of all the news and compare to your competitors
Understand what websites and authors are most likely to cover your stock and reach out to them

Investor Demographics

Understand the sentiment of investors based on activity occurring in hundreds of thousands of portfolios
Learn who are the individual investors that are investing in your stock (Gender, Age, income) and what are the trends in real time
Learn who are the institutional investors investing in your stocks and how does it compare to your competitors

Earnings Calls

Get quick and easy access to earnings calls without needing to attend them
Get your earnings calls recorded in audio and easily accessible to your visitors
Get your earnings call transcripts recorded in audio and easily accessible to your visitors

Controversies and Crisis Situations

Quickly respond to controversial events and crisis situations
Receive real-time alerts when problematic events for you or your competitors emerge
Analyze users’ biases and opinions on hot-button topics related to your stock
Track changes in controversy over time to understand how your stock will be impacted

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