Our exclusive ETF analysis pages give investors immediate access to all the critical information about each fund, with just one effortless click. 

ETF Analyst Forecast

The analyst consensus rating on an ETF, based on a weighted average of the analyst ratings on each stock the ETF holds. Each ETF is rated a Strong Buy, Moderate Buy, Hold, Moderate Sell or Strong Sell.

ETF Smart Score

A score based on the Smart Scores of an ETF’s holdings, on a weighted average basis. The Smart Score is a unique TipRanks tool that scores stocks from 1 to 10, based on eight key market factors.

ETF Holdings

Our ETF Holdings page gives you the entire list of holdings in each ETF, along with all the basic information about the fund. We also give you a reading of the data on various TipRanks tools, for each holding.

ETF Technical Analysis

TipRanks presents all the tools you need for technical analysis on every ETF. From moving averages, to oscillators, to pivot points and commonly used technical analysis tools like RSI, we give you all the tools you need to fully analyze ETFs.

ETF Hedge Fund Trading Activity

Buys and Sells of an ETF by major hedge funds, as reported in their recent 13F filings. We give you detailed information about hedge funds’ ETF holdings, as well as an overall confidence signal on the ETF, based on the hedge fund activity.

ETF Crowd Wisdom Analysis

A score of the sentiment of average investors on the ETF, based on the recent trades of the 600K+ investors who use TipRanks’ Smart Portfolio. We show you in-depth data about investors’ activity on each ETF, including the percentage of portfolios holding the ETF.

ETF Screener

An interactive screener for the purpose of researching ETFs. Allows the user to screen along 28 variables, including Smart Score, Analyst Rating, and Hedge Fund activity.

ETF Comparison

An interactive, easy-to-use screener for the purpose of comparing up to 10 ETFs in a clear, unified display. Allows the user to screen the ETFs along 28 variables, including Smart Score, rating, and Hedge Fund activities.

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