Idea-Generating Tools

Keep your users engaged and actively trading by incorporating TipRanks’ powerful stock screeners and feeds into your platform and mobile app.

Top Analyst Stocks

Analyst consensus by sector, featuring stock recommendations by the analysts with the best performance records

Coverage: US, Canada, UK, Australia

Top Smart Score Stocks

A stock screener that enables your investors to effortlessly identify the stocks that have the highest ranking, based on TipRanks’ unique AI generated Smart Score

Coverage: US, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Spain, Singapore

Stock Screener

TipRanks’ Stock Screener offers a comprehensive overview of our unique datasets. It allows investors to quickly and easily screen many thousands of stocks, so they can determine which to trade, based on TipRanks’ award-winning signals.

Coverage: US, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Spain, Italy, France, Singapore, HongKong

Top Gainers/Losers

TipRanks makes it easy to track the price movements of major stocks, showing the price movement of stocks that have a market cap of more than $2B. Our real-time Top Gainers/Losers chart displays the name of the company, the ticker, the current price, and the percent of change the current price represents. To further facilitate your clients’ stock research, this chart gives the option of toggling between Top Gainers and Top Losers.

Coverage: US, Canada, UK, Australia

Top Insider Stocks

A screener that focuses on those most in the know-insiders. With 4 pre-set strategies, this powerful screener helps investors reveal which stocks insiders are active in.

Coverage: US, Canada, UK

Daily Insider Transactions

A real-time display of ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ transactions made by Corporate Insiders.

Coverage: US, Canada, Europe, Australia

Top Analysts

TipRanks makes it easy to follow the trades of top analysts. Our Top Analyst chart, updated in real-time, ranks the analysts on a constant basis. Investors can use the filters on the chart to discover which analysts rank highest overall, per sector, per timeframe, and against different benchmarks.

Top Insiders

Our real-time chart lists corporate insiders in order of their rankings on TipRanks. This is the right tool for investors who want to be the first to know which insider to follow. We show the success rate, average return and distribution of Buys and Sells of the top corporate insiders, and ranking of each insider, according to his or her success rate.

Top Hedge Fund Managers

Our Top Hedge Fund Managers tool ranks 100 hedge fund managers according to their performance track records. This chart includes information about each manager’s assets under management, portfolio gain, Sharpe ratio, average return, and number of followers, as well as a ‘Follow’ button.

Top Financial Bloggers

TipRanks tells investors which bloggers provide the most accurate sentiment on stocks. Our Top Financial Bloggers tool ranks the top 100 bloggers, and includes information about each blogger’s success rate, average return, and distribution of Buy, Sell and Hold ratings.

Top Individual Investors

There’s no need to follow the average investor when you can track the investments of the very best. TipRanks’ Top Individual Investors tool presents you with a ranking of the 100 most successful investors, out of all investors who maintain a Smart Portfolio on TipRanks.

Trending Stocks

An interactive & easy to use overview of stocks that have recently received at least 3 analysts’ ratings.

Coverage: US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Singapore

Dividend Calculator

TipRanks’ dividend calculator offers a full overview of dividend stocks, including dividend yield, projected annual payout, and total dividend payment. The dividend stocks can be screened for, according to one’s investment criteria.

Compare Stocks

A tool that lets you compare up to ten stocks, on an assortment of parameters.

Coverage: US, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Spain, Italy, France, Singapore, HongKong

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